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Духи «Земля после ливня» (Petrichor)

Духи «Земля после ливня» (Petrichor)

Объем: 30 мл.
700 ₴ (ГРН)

Paging Dr. Who Fans! Remember the episode of ‘Dr. Who ’, where the doctor flies into the future and stumbles across a giant advertisement for a new perfume, with Amy Pond as the face of the new fragrance, and the slogan "For the Girl Who Is Tired of Waiting"?

Now, the wait is over!

With Petrichor, we’ve captured that very special earthy scent created when rain falls on dry soil, so you can step right into your own TARDIS without Amy’s password!

For the girl or boy who’s tired of waiting, Demeter’s Petrichor fragrance allows you to travel through time and space straight to the refreshing smell of earth after rain.

By Viromnibus
The world where I stood was a desert
longing for a kiss that never came.
Not until you did.

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